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  1. Thank you all so much for your support. Just knowing that there are people out there has already made me feel so much better! I'm finally going to reach out to a therapist today 🙂 I've had her into saved for awhile, but the fear was so paralysing I hadn't been able to reach out. I've really been missing something in my life, and I really feel good about AS helping to fill that void. Reading through the posts, I've been brought to tears so many times. Tears of sadness for all the other people hurting and tears of relief to finally find people who understand. I am so grateful to be here and so a
  2. @RubyRosie I relate to you so much. I've struggled with trying to separate my personality traits from my response to abuse, and it made me feel like I wasn't a real person; I was just bits and pieces of trauma reactions mushed together into a body. But we are real, whole people! Those survival traits helped us survive this long, and they made us strong 🙂 You could have given up and you didn't. You are so strong and I feel so empowered by your story. You had no one to help you and you learned to survive. Not only survive, but protect your siblings. And now you're here getting support from
  3. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I really relate to being unheard by adults. I'm in the process of getting a degree in elementary education so I can be there to hear kids asking for help.
  4. I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. I feel very alone. Because of the shutdown I lost of all my support, and I've recently moved to a new city. I don't have any friends and I'm estranged from my family. I live with my partner and he's amazingly supportive, but he can only do so much. I see my emotional needs wearing on him, and I know it's unfair and unsafe to have only one support person. Everytime I "start over" I think this time I got it; this time it'll be different and I'll just be better. I am better. I get a little better everyday. I've been doing really good taking care of
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