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  1. @I believe in ME Thank you! I look forward to being here and getting to know everyone. Yas a OUAT fan! They are few and far between, but sometimes I just have to channel my inner evil queen
  2. Thanks for your kindness here. I love all kinds of animals and if i wasn't in an apartment I just might have a farm lol.
  3. Thank you for your support in this space.
  4. I am heart broken for what you have been through. I understand the wanting to confront him, I can't tell you how any times I wrote letters to my abuser and other family members that knew and did nothing, and just burned the letter instead. There is just something freeing about that. Maybe you will find it helpful. Warmly ❤️
  5. I am glad you are back as I am new, you are so courageous for posting! Looking forward to getting to know you and supporting you in any way that you find helpful ❤️ \
  6. Thank you for that. I also love that we have so much in common already!
  7. I am new here, don't know what to say without giving too much info about my identity...I am a young adult, I have a cat, I am a survivor. Coffee, art, travel, chocolate=life.
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