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  1. @Empty TearsHi Saoirse, I sometimes feel very closed off to others and feel tired of being alone. I feel like I desperately want to be close to others but at the same time I'm afraid and feel a lot of shame when I start to get close to people. You've been able to reach out to us, so you have started opening up.
  2. I've been dealing with recovered memories of childhood sexual abuse for a few years. My therapist recently suggested that a support group would be a good idea (and I agree with him) and since there aren't any groups currently meeting due to the pandemic, I thought I'd look online. I'm also trans (FTM) and have been looking for trans-specific support, so I'm glad to see that's available here. On the lighter side of things, I'm interested in history and art. I enjoy cooking, yoga, my spiritual practice, poetry, and being in nature.
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