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  1. Omw to the Dr.

    Will update later

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    2. Field8


      Pocket riding

    3. RubyRosie


      @mini.finch @Field8

      Thank you both so much. I didn't get home 'til really late and I'm so very exhausted today. The new doc seems nice. I had a bunch of lab work. if the results of that are like the Dr is expecting, then he wants me to start on an injectable med. I'm not super thrilled about that (more because it means tanking my immune system, and puts me at higher risk for a of secondary infections, and less about the needles-ive given clients insulin and EpiPen shots before, just not on myself) but I am in the middle of a flare up. I told this doc that I miss going to pool therapy three times a week, I miss hanging out with the lil old ladies. That I'm doing zoom physical therapy now, but it isn't the same. His response was a very empathetic "I know, I'm sorry."

      I'll write more about it in my blog later. Right now I'm so flippin tired. But less anxious about whether my new doc is an @hole and more just exhausted with a *tiny* sprinkling of hopeful.


    4. mini.finch


      Thank you for the update, RR! Please rest as much as you can. I'm so glad that the doctor seemed nice. That's already one worry off the checklist. :) It's always reassuring to have a nice doc. I hope that if you have to try this new injection med that it will help you. It absolutely has its negatives, but if it helps you greatly with your condition, then that is a huge positive. I wish you the best. ❤️ (And I sure hope that one day soon you can go back to pool therapy with the lil old ladies!)

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