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  1. Rachie85


    Hi everyone I’m new on here but I am really struggling atm with what has happened to me. Yesterday was 1 year since my ordeal and although I felt like I was in a really good place with my life (new partner & baby on the way) these overwhelming feelings have hit me out of nowhere and I feel like I’m drowning and have no one to talk too. My family and friends have struggled to come to terms with what happened and I have lost many friends over it as well. I feel like no one believes me because I was married to the person that did this to me for over 18 years. I feel I can’t talk to my new partner about this because although he has been my absolute rock throughout all of this ( I knew him before this happened) whenever my ex comes up it just causes tension between us. I really don’t know what to do I have literally cried for the last two days and I am not normally an emotional person (I know pregnancy hormones don’t help) I thought I was dealing with this but clearly I am not or is this just the norm and I’ve done well at pretending I’m ok for the last 12 months I don’t know I’m just so confused if anyone can help thanks
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