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  1. @Minccinno65! hi! welcome too to you, since you're also new! awesome to meet another love live fan. im so excited for nijigasaki to get an anime, like i'm on the edge of my seat for it! and i love pokemon too although the only one i have beaten is the original ruby. og ruby is still my favorite pokemon game tbh! ☆ lunafreya
  2. @MeBeMary thank you so much ♡ in the short time ive been a member, i feel really glad i joined. its taken me a long time to be able to tell myself im not my trauma, and some days i don't believe it, but fake it until you make it, yknow? i definitely will take a look at the creativity board! maybe i'll share poetry and i'll definitely share some photography! i'm excited i definitely hope to be able to find healing, but to help others heal too. i know how it feels to have nobody, so i hope i can contribute to people feeling like they have somebody thank you so much for the w
  3. @8888 thank you for linking the thread! i'll make a post asap asking for the password! i'm glad to have the opportunity to talk to other trans survivors and its also reassuring to know there's other autistic survivors— not that i'd wish sa on anyone, but it's hard not to blame my trauma on my autism as a lot of people usually do for me, even though i logically know my trauma isn't anyone's fault but my abusers thank you for the welcome ♡ ☆ lunafreya
  4. missfrier, thank you so much! my most recent experience happened almost a year ago, and to tell you the truth, i almost joined a few weeks after it happened, but i just wasn't ready yet. but i'm ready now! i'm ready to heal from not only that, but from past experiences. i really appreciate the support. i've felt alone for a long time, and i'm happy i have a place that feels safe now. thank you ♡ ☆ lunafreya
  5. hi ! this is my first post, so i decided to use it to post here in the welcome tag my name is ashe, i'm 20 years old. i am intersex and identify as a male despite what my profile says (i selected female because i consider myself transgender and was willing to hide that because,, i need support. but after looking around i decided it's probably safe to say that because i haven't really found anyone being transphobic) i am gay, and i have a fiance and i love him very much! we had been dating for about a month when my most recent experience happened, and he was the reason i got through t
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