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  1. Hi everyone, First off I am very grateful for this safe space where we can share our stories, feel empowered and uplift each other during our healing process. My name is Camila, I am 25 years old and I studies fashion design and merchandising. I also do makeup artistry as a side job. I love talking to people and I think I am a pretty good listener. I love animals and I will soon have a pet sphynx cat. I am a sexual assault survivor. It has been very difficult and I have felt mixed feelings. I personally coped by trying to bury it and not talking about it at all. I acted as if nothing happened for months but it stared resurfacing a few months ago and it has affected me a bit. I sometimes get flashbacks which are quite uncomfortable. The biggest thing I am dealing with right now is the trauma bond I have established with this person. I am still on the road to recovery. I hope to hear from you guys and I hope everyone has a blessed day. Stay safe.
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