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  1. Aw I am glad we can be here for each other. Yeah finding friends is a doozy. I don't think I have many lol. I struggle thanks to all the trauma I've been through so I feel incompetent in that regard.
  2. My heart goes out to you. Yes same with me. I lost my "friends" who looking back, even before the SA, they were toxic. I was just so desperate to be accepted that I took whatever abuse so I could have someone. Now I regret it You are not alone.
  3. Hello. It is nice to meet you. We often represent traumatic experiences as its our minds way of protecting us and we might not have been ready at the time to feel it. Take your time on this journey. There is no rush
  4. It's nice to meet you. I am new as well. I can relate to you. Sometimes things that I have buried in the back of my mind pop up randomly years later. Recently I had a memory resurface of my mom attempting to kill me when I was 6, and me having to talk my way out of her not killing me. It's horrible. I do have a therapist but I don't like talking about these things. If you have a therapist, with time, you can bring it up. I think when it comes to talking we have to be ready. I don't think I'm ready to talk to my therapist about it yet, even though I know the sooner the better. I think a part of me doesn't want help.
  5. Thank you to all who replied. I am not the best today, as I am giving into the "pushing everyone away" feeling right now.
  6. I haven't played any of the gen 3 games besides pokemon xd gale of darkness.
  7. Hello. Its nice to meet you. I am also a fan of anime and love the Love Live series. I cannot wait for season 3 lol. And speaking of 3ds, I am replaying pokemon soul silver
  8. Thank you for replying. I have since left the club and has noticed, other things. It appears that the club has lost many members, and many women. It makes me wonder if harassment/abuse has been happening for quite some time. Either way, it woke me up to college life. College can be great, but I wish I knew about these things early on. That I didnt go into college with a blind sense of happiness. That I was aware of these things early on. And you are right, universities are not safe. Overall, I plan to eventually leave my university all together and pursue education elsewhere.
  9. Hello all. I recently joined this site. My username is a reference to Pokemon (I'm a huge Pokemon/anime fan). My main reason for joining this site is to find other survivors of abuse. I am 22, female, and was sexually assaulted in my university. For privacy I will not disclose the name of this university, but that it is in the U.S. The person who assaulted me was someone I was friends with/crushed on. Things seemed fine, until they touched me. I confronted them out right in the moment but they denied it. As we walked home they walked next to me uncomfortably close. By the time they got home they admitted they got "turned on" by it. At that point, I decided to bring it up to my school. Sadly, they did barely anything. I was able to make a written report, where the guard I was with sarcastically said "you cant make reports like this to the police". In the end, me and this person were a part of an anime club and the person was able to walk in the club like nothing happened. My friends didn't care andI was all alone. Along with growing up in an abusive household and suffering from BPD (borderline personality disorder), I still struggle daily. In the end, it makes me feel sad that I can't say like other students I had a "good college life". I suffered, was bullied, and abused. I wonder if maybe something is wrong with me that I didn't have the "good college life". I wonder why am I different. Why was I always different and picked on by family, friends, etc. Things haven't really gotten better. But thats my story.
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