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  1. Oh my gosh I totally get what you're saying. I've been saying my latest therapist for a year. She's absolutely amazing and doesn't rush me but so much of our session each week is me not being able to speak and. Saying the same thing over and over in different ways cos I I want to make sure it's perfect and she understands. For me I think it's something to do with if I can make it make sense in a way I couldn't as a kid I might stop it happening. Or because if I can make it make sense in my head it won't hurt on my heart any more
  2. Hi, I'm kashjack. I'm a nonbinary/transmasculine human. I have osdd which means I sometimes refer to myself as he and sometimes as she depending on who's at the front. Survivor or sexual abuse on and off from 2-26. Survivor also of rape, assault and emotional abuse. I have complex ptsd. I used to be on this forum I think, many years ago. Or at least I visited the page. I have come and gone in my recovery but right now is a hard time. I'm hoping that connecting might help me manage my constant flashbacks and battle with self harm. So that's me.
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