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  1. if i were truly to be myself
    i would break my family's heart
    who is that 'girl' i see,
    staring straight back at me?
    why is my reflection someone i don't know?
    somehow i cannot hide
    who i am, though i've tried
    when will my reflection show who i am inside?

    1. Viceless


      I can really relate to this right now. My family doesn’t know the real me at all and they probably wouldn’t like me if they did. I also get looking in the mirror and not recognizing myself or really seeing me. I’m sorry your hurting. You have a way with words.

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  2. Anyone want to talk? In need of friends who understand (especially in my age group, I'm 21 but I will talk with anyone!!)

    1. Viceless


      I'm 29. Not sure if that's young enough for you:) I would talk.

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