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  1. Welcome! I just wanted to let you know that I used to scratch myself like that too. I had sores all over my body for months. I also downplayed everything that happened, but clearly the itchiness was my body screaming at me that something was wrong. So you're not alone. Message me if you ever want to talk about it
  2. Hey, I'm glad that you decided to reach out. I can completely relate. I didn't feel like myself for the longest time, and I still have those moments, especially during quarantine (which has made my brain go into overdrive). It's hard to look back at the person you were and compare. At least for me, it made me feel like I had lost myself. I've tried to focus instead on the ways that I have grown. How I've learned that it's okay to be vulnerable, that I don't have to have everything figured out all the time. I've discovered a strength I never knew I had. I know one day you will find that to
  3. Hi! First off, I wanted to say welcome and that you are certainly not the only one who has experienced a friend fallout. I, too, lost 90% of my friends when I started sharing what happened. Even though I had always been there for them, they couldn't be there for me when I needed them the most. It's been around two years since that happened, and I still struggle with it. Friends just up and leaving because they can't be around you anymore is one of the most hurtful things. Plus, a lot of people deal with hard things through comedy. There are a bunch of people who make rape choices because
  4. Hey everyone, Three years ago, I was in a problematic relationship that led to a guy sexually assaulting me several times a week for several months. The biggest issue is that I was a virgin before I met him. I've been struggling on how to completely move on. I definitely still deal with anxiety/bouts of depression, but my trauma no longer takes over my life. I just don't know how to build a new life. Coming to terms with what happened completely uprooted everything for me. 95% of my friends dropped me after they found out; I had to move away and start over in a new city where I didn
  5. Hey, I'm truly sorry to hear what you've been through. I just wanted to tell you that I understand. I was in a problematic relationship and didn't realize until months afterward that he had been sexually assaulting me the entire time. It wasn't until I was talking to my friend about the MeToo movement and said, "You know, if I was any other girl, I would consider what he had done to me to be rape." That was when I realized I wasn't "any other girl" and that what he had done was wrong. And I get that realizing what happened some time later can be even more difficult because, at least
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