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  1. Hello! We are all glad to have you here and understand how scary it is too. It took me forever to get up the nerve to join but I knew it was needed for my sanity. Hopefully we can help you too
  2. Thank you. I honestly truly appreciate that, it sounds like our stories are similar so it is nice to feel like someone truly gets it. I'm here for you as well.
  3. I can totally relate as well. Some old information just came to light for me as well that has triggered a snowball effect of memories that needed to stay forgotten. We are here to talk anytime.
  4. We are all here anytime you need someone to talk to, always
  5. Good for you for being able to talk about it at all, we all know that can be difficult. Take your time telling your story or not at all, regardless we are here for you.
  6. Hello. You are very brave to come forward at all, never forget that. It is less talked about still but I have men in my life that have told me the same. I always believe them just as I would if a girl told me the same. We are here for you whenever you need or want us and always believe you.
  7. Hey there, you are more than welcome here. I can totally relate to what happened to you, I've yet to post the entire story but you are welcome to private message me to talk about it. Compare notes, things that helped/hurt, etc. The offer is always there.
  8. Hey there. I'm new here as well and totally understand how hard it is so far to admit what belonging in this group means. That however does not say anything badly about you as a person, for joining at all you are clearly very brave and strong. We are all here as someone to talk to and we believe you even without knowing anything more than your intro. Hang in there and stay safe.
  9. Thank you I really appreciate that. I'm hoping for the same
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