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    Golf, excercise, animals, guitar, harmonica, psychology, spirituality, volunteering.

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  1. Hello and welcome. What happened to you was terrible and unfair. You show great courage for expressing your feelings and what happened.
  2. jeffrey

    New Here

    Hello! Welcome! Good first steps!
  3. jeffrey


    Love what you said about....that is not all that I am. Looking forward to reading more of your posts.
  4. jeffrey


    Hello Pink Fairy. Nice to meet you. Glad you're here.
  5. Welcome! It's funny...I always hated journaling, but posting on this site has helped me get some stuff out.(and I've only been on a few days). The people are very helpful too! Sorry to hear your perpetrator is hidden behind a facade right now. That could change. Justice and truth could come about. Glad you're here. You're courageous!
  6. I have a pet cat named Jewel who brings me joy....even though she's naughty and has an attitude. She fetches like a dog....little toy balls...her record is 21 times in a row...she's way brighter than me!
  7. I've been trying to find Jesus my whole life. Tried everything, Catholicism, Evangelical, Non-denominational, etc. Sometimes I think I feel the holy spirit, but usually turnes out I'm fooling myself. It's cool you want to help people. I need plenty of input. I just joined After Silence yesterday. Feel free to read my posts in the introduction, my story, and about therapy/counseling forums and give me some advice...P.S. I used to live in Fort Collins,CO. Kinda miss there sometimes.
  8. You are very courageous and strong to face and deal with this. Best wishes!
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