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  1. sweeney


    @GreenBayGirl After my studies I plan to pursue mortuary science. I know it's a little out there but I see it as a unique way to help people.
  2. sweeney


    wow there are so many welcome responses! Thanks to everyone : )
  3. sweeney


    @littlepinkheart Thanks! Yeah I'm hoping it will help. I was previously in group therapy but due to COVID quarantines we can no longer meet. I really liked having people I could relate to so hopefully this will be helpful in that aspect. : )
  4. sweeney


    Hello🌻 I'm brand new to the forum and figured I'd start with an introduction post. Without giving much information you can probably guess why I'm here. Hoping this will end up as a useful resource for me as I struggle a lot with what's happened to me. I'm not quite sure what else to put here. I guess some small facts about me are I'm currently studying biology. I have big interests in art and the paranormal. A little out there but quite fun for me.
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