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  1. So this is the start of a journey for me... Unfortunately I can't get the help and support from my family because I haven't been able to bring myself to tell them the truth about what has happened. I know that this part I have brought upon myself, but this truth would cause a massive explosion within my family, and hurt those I love. In saying that though, it does make me feel isolated and alone in trying to deal with this. I'm hoping that by being involved here, it will help me start to accept what has happened, and help me on the the path towards healing. It was only a few months ago that I found out that I had something to heal from... I learned a family secret and it triggered memories that I had suppressed and had completely forgotten about, but now that it has been unleashed its like a constant nightmare. I was trying to work yesterday and someone just said something to me and just the words brought a memory up that brought me to tears. I hope being here and sharing this can start the healing journey...
  2. @faye1234 I completely understand where you are. I am 4 months into therapy, and my psychologist recommended this to me as well. It is definitely a hard road that we are travelling down, and knowing that you are in a similar space makes me know that I am not alone in this. We can travel the path together. Unfortunately I haven't been able to up to my partner or family about it as it would cause a very large explosion in my life. Hope to chase to you soon
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