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  1. I just got an official PTSD diagnosis today. Now I can talk about triggers without being scared of the repercussions from people who think I'm just making excuses. So I am happy. My PTSD is not nearly as bad as other people's can be. There's only a handful of triggers that I know of for me. And I never have flashbacks. I used to feel physical sensations that were a repeat of my past, but I worked through that in therapy years ago. Not sure why I didn't get a diagnosis then. Anyway, my PTSD is very manageable (maybe partially due to the fact I am already taking medications for anxiety and depression) and I know I am lucky. I don't mean to brag, I just want whoever reads this to know I don't need any sympathy. I am just glad I can talk freely about my triggers and about my experience with PTSD without having people tell me I am just playing the victim role. 

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