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  1. Yesterday an older man stopped me in the queue for groceries after staring at me for a while and said "just thought I'd let you know, cider vinegar is really good for bad complexion and acne"

    The suggestion was helpful, but jeeeez, a little rude commenting on a stranger's acne, right? 

    1. AKB


      Yes a bit rude to just blurt it out to someone else in the queue. It seems that during these difficult times a lot of folks are forgetting social norms and courtesy. What did you say in reply?  Here are a couple of mine off the top of my head. 

      • "Thank you for the information. Did you know that getting a kick in the shins helps old folks to mind their own business?"
      • "Did you know that shutting your mouth is good for your health?"
    2. newhorizons


      Yes I noticed that! It seems like people have just forgotten how to be polite! I was actually very polite and just said "Ah really? Thank you, I'll look it up later." and I scurried off as soon as possible haha. I can't be mean to strangers, unless they're catcalling and stuff like that. But when someone brings up an insecurity of mine, I completely freeze up and I can't be aggressive for some reason! Those responses are amazing, thanks for that 😂 Definitely brightened my day!

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