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  1. Just checking in, just in case anyone's worried!

    I've been otherwise occupied with a new job... I am now working as a domiciliary care worker, so there's a lot going on right now. I've been kind of straying away from my mental health journey and focusing on my future, house, family, money. Which I hope won't bite me in the butt...

    I'm talking to my T tomorrow so hopefully I can get back on track. I just can't plan things the way she wants me to. I don't stick to plans! I've got a lot I'd like to do to reclaim my life. 

    I've also found myself distracting myself in negative ways when becoming triggered, rather than acknowledging it. I really need to sort it out. It's just such a hectic but exciting time in my life right now!

    - newhorizons ❤️ 

    1. Finchy


      Hello! We've never met, but the fact that you love ACNH and gaming in general is very much a plus to me. It seems rare to find other gamers here. 😄 

      I hope your new job goes well! It sounds like you're very busy. It takes a lot to focus on your future along with your mental health. Hopefully your T will help you out. Just do what you can. :) 

      Best wishes!


  2. i feel so stupid

    1. MeBeMary


      I think we all feel that way from time to time. Hope the feeling passes.


  3. I'm sending so much love and support to you, @Little Bo-Peep. We welcome you with open arms here, and I am proud of you for seeking help through AS. It's helped me and I hope it can help you too! I'm sorry to hear that you were taken advantage of in such a vulnerable state. Just know that this was not your fault and you can always find love and support here on this site xx
  4. My T still hasn't sent me the work we did on Thursday and I need it because it has affirmations about the memory we are focusing on. I'm having a lot of denial and am concerned about this affecting my job...

    1. MeBeMary


      I hope you got your work back. Affirmations are very important. Even tho I don't know the affirmations you discussed with her, I have one for you. I hope you believe.


      50 Positive Affirmations To Calm An Anxious Mind - Zoella

    2. newhorizons


      Thank you @MeBeMary that it so nice to hear :) Most of our affirmations are about understanding that love isn't just sex and stuff like that :) I've got them now. I like your affirmation :) x

  5. Something that may come as no surprise to some, is the fact that being a young and easily manipulated teenager with unregulated wifi in their house... is quite dangerous for the child's safety. I was 14. A young and very insecure girl, with a laptop and a newfound curiosity for multiplayer games, chatrooms and omegle. Oh, omegle. That bloody website. I wish I didn't know about it... but all the cool Youtubers were using it. It was an enticing concept, meeting new people with other experiences in life. A 1 on 1 conversation with a complete stranger. Fascinating... Soon into my discove
  6. Im a wreck right now. Just did CBT and had to revisit a certain memory and update it with affirmations... I can't wait til she sends me the work we did so that I can look it over and feel better about my sa later.

  7. Made an Apple Cake today! Has anyone else baked/cooked anything nice recently?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Moongoddess


      That sounds so good! I just got home from the grocery store with the fixings to make some Indian Pudding!

    3. iluvac


      wish i knew how to bake apple cake! last time i made something was a while ago, and it was cookies i baked with my sister.

    4. newhorizons


      This all sounds delicious!

  8. Welcome, @EvilRegal I'm so sorry for what brought you here. I just wanted to say that you don't have to disclose anything that you're not comfortable with here, and this is always a safe space for anything you want to talk about! Also, I absolutely adore cats and am a massive coffee and chocolate addict! I respect your interests 😄
  9. Yesterday an older man stopped me in the queue for groceries after staring at me for a while and said "just thought I'd let you know, cider vinegar is really good for bad complexion and acne"

    The suggestion was helpful, but jeeeez, a little rude commenting on a stranger's acne, right? 

    1. AKB


      Yes a bit rude to just blurt it out to someone else in the queue. It seems that during these difficult times a lot of folks are forgetting social norms and courtesy. What did you say in reply?  Here are a couple of mine off the top of my head. 

      • "Thank you for the information. Did you know that getting a kick in the shins helps old folks to mind their own business?"
      • "Did you know that shutting your mouth is good for your health?"
    2. newhorizons


      Yes I noticed that! It seems like people have just forgotten how to be polite! I was actually very polite and just said "Ah really? Thank you, I'll look it up later." and I scurried off as soon as possible haha. I can't be mean to strangers, unless they're catcalling and stuff like that. But when someone brings up an insecurity of mine, I completely freeze up and I can't be aggressive for some reason! Those responses are amazing, thanks for that 😂 Definitely brightened my day!

  10. Windows have come to be a prominent part of my life. I don't mean physical windows, no no, but the windows that guide me through the motions of every day life. I feel that my life is spent behind lenses, and not just my glasses. It's difficult to explain but I feel that these windows can be both good and bad for me. Sometimes, the window is clear. My brain wants me to see the reality of what is happening and what has happened. Sometimes I like it, and sometimes I don't. Sometimes I like remembering and seeing the things that have hurt me, with hindsight and understanding. It helps me to t
  11. Everything feels so unreal. I don't know who I am. I don't know if my actions are truly mine. Someone else is piloting my body. I want control back. Did I ever truly have it in the first place?

    1. MeBeMary


      Sitting with you. :hug: 

  12. I'm hoping to become an ambulance assistant once the training in the UK becomes available again! I'm currently a cook at a cafe doing takeaway services...just need Covid to bugger off 🤣

    1. snmls


      That's exciting! Best of luck. 

    2. MeBeMary


      Such a respectable and admirable direction to go into. You will be helping people...hopefully, as well...no COVID patients, bc COVID has buggered off. :lol: 

  13. Hi guys, just a little blog post. With what's going on, I've been increasingly finding it difficult to keep up a face that isn't damaged by the relationship rape I went through. (I hate saying that word, it's getting difficult for me to believe myself anymore). I've told my sibling, but when I did, she just didn't really respond well, which is understandable because it doesn't sound believable. I don't think she understands how people can remember a few years down the line. So I don't want to make her remember or get angry at me. It always ends with her kind of being frustrated that
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