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  1. Hi @Euna12. I'm so sorry for what brought you here, but I'm glad you're reaching out. I know it's hard to be isolated. I'm in a similar situation with my husband, and AS has been a great source of comfort. You're not alone--there are so many people here who can offer insight, kindness, and support.
  2. Hi @Romani. I'm sorry for what brought you here, bu it's great that you've decided to reach out and take care of yourself. This community has been an amazing source of support. I'm glad you joined!
  3. Welcome @zenguy. I'm so sorry for what you've been through. I hope you can find that sense of belonging here. I'm fairly new here, as well, and everyone in the community has been incredibly supportive and kind. Please know that you're not alone in this. If you ever want to talk, feel free to message me!
  4. Welcome @Lily227! I'm new here, too. I was really afraid to join, too, but everyone has been so supportive. I hope you find the community helpful, too. Feel free to reach out if you want to talk.
  5. Your post means a lot to me, too. It's such a relief to know other people are experiencing this, too. I know what you mean by your mind overflowing, and I don't think you're ranting. All this started a few weeks ago for me, and I keep going over everything in my mind, trying put it together, trying to find explanations. It's just a completely desperate search for answers, and the war within my mind is exhausting. Every time I start to believe myself, I argue back. It looks like you're doing a lot of that, too, and I'm sorry you're going through that. That, in itself, is painful. But
  6. Thank you, and everyone, so much. I was honestly waiting to be turned away or ignored, and it's taken me a while to feel comfortable enough to reply. The uncertainty is such a heavy weight. It makes me wonder if I'm some sick person making things up or if all of this is real. I don't know when I'll fully believe myself, but I don't feel so isolated anymore. Maybe in the coming weeks, I'll feel comfortable enough sharing my story.
  7. @ShefloatsHi, I'm new here, too. I think we have a lot in common, and I saw you posted on my intro, too. The feelings you describe are so familiar--the questioning, wondering if you're just creating it in your mind, being angry that you can't remember, feeling like a fraud. I wish I could tell you how to start trusting yourself, because I haven't gotten there, either, but I'm so sorry for the pain you're going through. I'm sorry that someone made you doubt yourself again. Even if the memories aren't clear to you, your pain is real. If you would like to talk more, I'm here for you.
  8. Hi, everyone. I'm new here. Honestly, I'm very afraid to be here, and I'm not sure I really belong. I found this site while trying to find some answers. I've been in therapy for a little over a year for anxiety, depression, and PTSD. I have flashbacks multiple times a week, but they are mainly emotional or with fragmented images and very critical thoughts. I've always had difficulty with memory and dissociation. The last few weeks, I've had flashbacks in the form of physical sensations and images that I'm honestly terrified of facing. I've always known there was physical and emotional abuse, b
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