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  1. @samantha2009 thank you! 😊
  2. Yes, I mean honestly I think I’m ready to talk and share and find people who can relate so it can help with the healing process of it. Because obviously it’s not helping me, by pushing it down and trying to pretend it’s not there. You know? thank you so much for making me feel so welcome and and for the support!
  3. So hey, I’m new here. I’m unsure of how this works or what to post but. I stumbled across this site, looking for somewhere to talk to others who can relate to what I’m going through and maybe help me with my healing process. I’m a rape survivor it happened in oct by someone I thought was a good friend. After it happened he continued to stalk harass and send comments I’m unsure if I should share or not, so this went on for a few months. but I reached out and got a little help, but I’ve been pushing it so far deep down to where I wasn’t seeing my therapist or talking about it or thinking a
  4. I am 100% literally in the same boat as you!! Except mine trauma happened in oct. 2019. I pushed it deep deep down and chose not to think or talk or bring it up. And it’s all hiring me now and I came across this site. I finally found people who can relate to what I’m currently feeling. I’m sorry that this happened to you! And hopefully you find some relief and healing!!
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