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  1. hi all i am glad i found this forum. i'm a sexual assault and rape survivor. I was assaulted at 17 and have recovered and made my peace since its been more than 2 decades. but then i was raped a little over a year ago by an ex. the only person who knows is my fiance and he has been so supportive. we just moved in together and now that i am with him everyday I have been having issues with not wanting to be intimate and anxiety with thoughts of the rape. all of a sudden is very present, I find when my fiance gets angry (not with me, with his staff on the phone while he works from home during this lockdown) i find myself getting anxious and worried that he'll get angry at me one day. he has never been angry with me, he is so gentle and kind with me, but lately any mood shift in him affects me and reminds me of my narcissistic ex that took advantage of my drunken state one night. i dont know how to find peace and to move beyond this.
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