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  1. I’m back.. as much as I enjoyed being in this forum I was no where near ready for the flash backs, triggers and memories brought back up as much as I thought I was After realzing I was only focusing on the negatives that come with sharing my stories I decided I need to take a break I’m happy to be back
  2. Hi I’m new Years ago I chose to move on. Never talk about it. Never think about it. It worked at least I thought I did. The one person that does know I pretend doesn’t exist. How can I live my life if I didn’t try to move on from what had happened? I am stuck in a world where all I think about is being raped 24/7 in my head to no one knows when I see them face to face. Keeping a diary is too messy and since I’ve never been able to tell anyone I joined this fourm! Looking forward to chatting and getting support, to tell my friends/family. As I am ready to tell my story well to strangers a
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