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  1. If you guys could send some positive thoughts and vibes tomorrow that would be great! First therapy session in a very long time and I'm feeling very anxious about it. I'm going blank on why I even wanted to go in there first place? My brain is going into "you're fine, you don't need help" mode. Any tips? Should I write a list out or just go in and see how it goes? Also, is anyone else having feeling weird about virtual therapy? How do you make a space  a "safe space"? 

    ~ JME 

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    2. Iheartcupcakes


      I like to make lists, so writing can be helpful. 

      I know...I prefer in person, as well. 

      A lot of times we do need help to heal. I know I do. Maybe your anxiety is causing your inner voice to say that. I know mine does. 

    3. JME


      I'm sure it's just my anxiety. I always feel like there is so much worse out there, I wouldn't want to take someone else's spot or waste this therapists time. But I'm sure it's just my anxiety, this is for me anyway, I shouldn't be concerned with wasting someone's time or not having enough crap going on to need help. Today will be what it is! I should just be grateful I was able to get in. Whatever happens happens. 

    4. JME


      Therapy went ok, but I left feeling very uneasy about some stuff. I posted about it in the Therapy forum. Feeling pretty scared, sad, and a bit confused right now. 😕

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