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  1. I'm really tired of dealing with my mental health and trying to balance a marriage. I keep apologizing for things I can't control, making promises I'll change things I can't control to try and make my husband happy. My husband is getting annoyed and frustrated with me for the things I can't change or control...I get it that this is hard and new for him too, he deals with his own mental health and now he has mine to deal with.
    I'm tired of feeling like I'm the problem all the time and feeling like I'm broken. I've been so good lately, positive, productive, calm and at peace and then my hormones messed me all up. Started feeling anxious, panic attacks, tried telling my husband so he would have an idea of where I was at. Wee ended up fighting and he left for a while to get some space. We haven't really spoken since. I've said sorry for my part. I feel guilty for putting him through this and crazy because of my hormones. Feel like I've made big steps forward this quarantine, but took a HUGE leap back this past week. :( 

    1. marcyabadeer


      :( I am so sorry to hear the stress is bringing distance between you two. Sometimes with this healing process it’s a forward, backward kind of thing until we find our grounding again.

      i will sitting with you if okay?



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