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  1. @missfrier Thank you so much for your validating words ❤️, I type with the most scrunched up face because your message was very well-needed haha. I am looking forward to getting to know this amazing community. Thanks Miss Frier!!
  2. Ah I thought the "Quote" was a "Reply" button- regardless, I'll reply here to the other comments: Thank you so much for your support and for reaching out. I look forward to being able to experience this community, hopefully I can be of some help to someone out there as well.
  3. Nice to meet you, Brightside. I’m thankful that the both of us are seeking some help- it can be so hard sometimes. We deserve help and support and the fact that maybe a part of us inside knows that in itself can already be so encouraging. A children’s therapist- that sounds so gratifying and challenging! Congratulations! And I also love theme parks and family-time :) I appreciate you commenting <3
  4. hello! my AfterSilence name is Camellia, nice to meet you. Before I say more, I'd just like to say just, I am so grateful to the people who imagined this, created it, all of the people thereafter who've participated to make this space exist- just, thank you! And now, I'll put a simplified version of what brings me here and a self-introduction: I think I have a repressed memory from my childhood, around 4 years old, and there have been episodes of sexual abuse since then as well, and in the last week I've begun stringing other patterns in my life (dissociation, inability to connect romantically, etc.), and well, with this pile of just wonderfully very complex, difficult, doom and gloom, I sought out resources, and I learned about this community. And now for my condensed introduction- I'm in my early 20s, in college majoring in chemistry, I love cooking, movies, music, taking pictures of random things, books, learning about history, and traveling. If you're here, I am here with you, and I look forward to getting to know some of y'all in this corner of the interwebs :)
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