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  1. Hello everyone, It's always been hard for me to reach out for help but a recent event has left me feeling trapped in my own head and unable to confide in anyone close to me. Just so we're not strangers: I'm 23 years old, identify as a ciswoman & pansexual, and love to create art whether it's a drawing or jewelry or a pair of mittens or a song on my ukulele. I live in my feelings. When I'm not doing social work (I'm much better at dealing with the emotional pain of others) I'm usually reading in my hammock soaking up the Texas heat or playing frisbee/soccer/etc or spending time being silly with my friends. My sign is Pisces and my favorite podcast is MFM (if you know, you know). The triggering event that brought me here happened just over this past weekend so although this isn't my first time embarking on a journey of healing from a sexual assault, this 2nd departure into the void hurts in a new & worse way so this is my first time seeking any kind of real help outside of myself and my best friends. I desperately need to escape my own psychological echo chamber and hear some voices of those that understand without having to provide so much excruciating explanation. Thank you for reading, Coral (a fitting nickname for a Pisces, given to me by my collegiate soccer team captains)
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