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  1. Thank you @MeBeMary @samantha2009 @8888 @Poppy_ @missfrier @Mave and @Struggling88 for your kind words of welcome. I definitely feel out of my element joining this group and have experienced so much invalidation about my experiences since they haven’t been as overt, so in some ways I feel like I don’t belong, but I continue to be met with so much warmth and validation. I’m looking forward to getting to know people better on here. 💜
  2. Got this one in the right place, I think 😅. Thanks again!
  3. Hello, thanks for having me. I'm completely new to the whole forum thing, so I'm figuring out how to navigate everything, and appreciate your patience when I might misstep. I'm a counselor-in-training and am finding this huge disconnect between the messages I would give to clients with situations similar to mine and the messages I give myself for those situations. I'm realizing that I have a lot of my own work still to do. I thought I had done quite a bit already, but then life happens and I'm starting to really realize that the way I interact with the world may be through a lens shaped by my
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