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    Cognitive Neuroscience and biochemistry. Politics. Drawing. Storytelling. Philosophy. Critical thought. Animism.

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  1. Thank you to everyone for the wonderful and warm welcome! I'm so excited to hear a bit about you all, so that it really feels like I'm talking to a group of people who live and breathe, and have hopes, dreams, and their own journey. @Mave every time I see a cool piggy bank when I go to the thrift store, I'm going to think of you!
  2. Thank you for your welcome, Sam! I'm glad that there are lots of people here have kids as well!
  3. Hey everyone, Thank you for inviting me into your space. I'm a 35 year old survivor who will eventually tell my story when I feel a little more comfortable, but what I was able to read as a guest has really helped me feel like this might be a space where I can feel safe. I'm just really tired, and I've been trying to work through a lot of my stuff for a long time. I have been really isolated, so I'm trying to find my way to some people who actually understand what this is like. I feel like I'm often walking a path that everyone around me is oblivious to. Since the #metoo movement, I'
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