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  1. Help desk query

    Hi there - please post in the Help Desk forum (just above this one). I had to edit your post because this is a public forum for anyone to see. The Help Desk is private and only you and admin/mods can see it. Thank you Rose xxx
  2. Help desk query

    You do not need to repost your request. It is visible only to you and the appropriate staff members. No one else can see another's post in the HelpDesk.
  3. Help desk query

    The Help Desk is still functional, and is the best way to get in contact with a mod or admin. Please keep in mind that some requests may take longer.
  4. profile/account gender options

    Winterwishes gave a great option for you to use. We are unable to change the Male/Female only options as this is how this software was developed. Sorry!
  5. can't change signature

    I had hoped that the latest upgrade we just did would have fixed the issue, but apparently it did not. We can manually assist you. Please post in the Help Desk for further assistance.
  6. Previewing posts

    That is correct - you can no longer preview posts before submitting them. You must submit first, then edit if you need to.
  7. Notifications

    There is no setting which allows you to delete read notifications. Before you read them, they are in bold font, after you have read them, they are not. There is nothing we can do to delete these, but I am assuming that once you have reached so many, they should expire on their own. If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to post a topic in the Help Desk - you will receive faster replies there.
  8. can't change signature

    I am not sure what the glitch is hon, but I will check into it more thoroughly tomorrow.
  9. Moderators

    We are now launched
  10. Moderators

    We are working diligently on getting the Section Moderator initiative up and running. We expect to have this accomplished within the next 2 weeks. Thank you for your continued patience!
  11. Why No Answer?

    Hi Ducky, I am so sorry that no one has gotten back to you. We have not had any active moderators in quite some time. Two weeks ago, Vera appointed 4 more moderators. They are flea, shortcake, islandgal, and (myself) -Rose-. The inactive mods will eventually be removed from the list, as it is very confusing to members who are trying to get in touch with someone. If your issue still needs attention, please send it to me, flea, shortcake, or islandgal. We will be very happy to assist you in a timely manner. Best wishes, Rose xxx
  12. May I Ask A Silly Question?

    The admins are aware of the problem with the chatroom and are working to fix it soon. Maybe we will have it back this week? I am really not sure when, but it should be soon! Rose xxx
  13. Someone from the Newbie Support Team can give you the password to use in order to gain access to the women's forum. Good luck! Rose xxx
  14. Are New People Able To Join?

    We are currently in touch with 2 of the site admins. They have expressed that they are seeing this as a problem and they are working on plans that will prevent it from happening in the future. I will pass along the message that there are people waiting to be approved now and hopefully they will get it sorted soon. Rose xxx
  15. Are New People Able To Join?

    The chat room has been broken for a couple of months now. We don't know how much longer it will continue to be down. So sorry!
  16. Are New People Able To Join?

    I don't know. I think that it is set for admins or moderators to have to manually approve new members. If so, there may be many people overlooked. Our admins and mods have been absent for quite some time.
  17. May I Ask A Silly Question?

    We have sent many emails to the admins but have received no response. I am really sorry but there's nothing else we can do.
  18. As Chat - Just Wondering

    An administrator was notified about the chat room being down but we have not heard anything back from them yet. Hopefully it will be up and running again soon!
  19. Logging In To As

    I've never had a problem with logging in until tonight. I had remained logged in for weeks at a time. Tonight I had to log in several times to be logged in. Hopefully it doesn't become an ongoing problem for me too.
  20. Whalianib

    Great news!
  21. Whalianib

    I just reported a topic they did entirely of spam. I will report them as a person too.
  22. Chat Room Rules

    Thanks Karen