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  1. Welcome @doing-good. I'm sorry your old forum has closed and you have to start over. I would find that both difficult and frustrating. I've only been here since February, but have found it to be an incredibly supportive place and I hope you will too. It was a bit overwhelming for me at first. I began by just reading and exploring. You should be so proud of yourself for going to the police and standing up for yourself. I haven't yet decided if I am going to report my assault for the same reasons you mentioned. Sexual assault can be so difficult to prove, but that certainly doesn't mean it
  2. I know it's a field that is often seen as unpleasant, but I think it could be rather fascinating. Best of luck @sweeney!
  3. Welcome @sweeney. I'm so sorry you're unable to meet with your support group at this time. This pandemic continues to hurt people in so many indirect ways. Biology, art, and the paranormal! That's such an unusual group of interests and I love it! It sounds like you're a pretty well rounded person. I can especially appreciate your love of biology. I find science as a whole to be incredibly interesting. Do you know what you'd like to pursue after your studies?
  4. Welcome @Chelsea30. I'm sorry for the events that have ultimately caused you to join this group but know you are welcome here. I know that feeling of aloneness all too well, but that's what this site is for. It took me a little while to become familiar and comfortable with the forums and posting, but the people here are so supportive. AS has been immensely helpful to me and I hope you find love, comfort, and acceptance here. Peace and love, GBG
  5. This post is very relatable. It wasn't until the sexual assault that lead me here that made me realize some things about my own past. I now know the guy that fingered me when I was 17 sexually assaulted me. I can count on one hand the number of people I've had sex with, however, it also made me realize how many times I've done other things that I never wanted to do. I've been coerced and manipulated into performing sexual acts. It makes me sick. It makes me feel dirty, ashamed, and used. Consent should be the number 1 topic in sex ed and taught over and over and over.
  6. Wow! I'm sure he's always felt you were hiding something from him so there's no doubt he feels exponentially closer to you know. He can now begin to understand you. I am so glad this weight has been lifted from you!
  7. Hi @Kat7 I am so sorry that you have a reason to be here, but I want to welcome you and let you know we understand. My assault was not when I was a child, like yours, but I can only imagine that would be so much harder to process! There's nothing wrong with you! Your brain and body are trying to work through your trauma and protect itself the best way it knows how. It sounds like you've made a huge effort by going to therapy, but it doesn't sound like you're happy with the progress made. As someone with various experiences with therapy you may just be with the wrong therapist. You need to be a
  8. Welcome @Kitcatjane83! I'm new here myself. There's so much content it can be overwhelming. I tend to log in every day or two and just read. Simply belonging to a community of people who share similar experiences and emotions has really helped me not feel so alone and hope that becomes the case for you as well! I hope you find validation and support here. How old is your little girl?
  9. I cried while reading this. Our stories are very different, but the aftermath is very similar. I'm beginning to realize the factual details of the dramatic event are not what's important to me, but rather how I felt and how I continue to feel. I can tell you feel all the same things I do and I hate that! I am so happy your husband treats you so well, as you deserve! I look forward to reading more of your blog. I hope peace finds you today.
  10. Thank you all so much for welcoming me! Life seems a bit overwhelming at the moment so I am happy to have found a safe space to vent, cry, learn, heal, or simply be. The words of support here in messages and forums are extremely encouraging. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
  11. Hello Everyone, First of all, I would like to say thank you to the creators, admins, moderators, and members of this space. I am 20 days into my healing journey, and I've never felt so alone. I am grateful to have found a community of strong survivors: men, women, and non-binary individuals who understand what this feels like. I'm a pretty down to earth person. I like the slow and simple life. Most nights after work I'm just home in my sweats cooking dinner and watching The Office. I'm a very curious person so I love learning about and trying new things, BUT I also overthink everyt
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