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  1. Hello All, I'm very nervous about all this and not quite sure how to start this post. I'm here for support and guidance. I've never reached out to anyone who has been through this before but I feel like it could greatly help. My username is Pretty Peony. Ya'll can call me Peony or Mo. I love Peonies because they are a symbol of medicine and healing. I'm really into holistic medicine-- like reiki, meditation, herbs, and yoga. I've always been focused on helping other's heal but recently I've been forced to face my own traumas and now I'm learning how to help myself heal. I've learned I'm much better at helping others than myself. In fact, I think in an effort to help others I have neglected myself. Recently, a traumatic incident happened at work and it triggered memories of my SA. I've been having very vivid flashbacks, panic attacks, loss of my temper, and I don't like leaving the house on my own. Last night, I was struggling so much I began looking online a stumbled across AS and felt like it could help. I know that sharing my story is an important aspect of healing, but right now I am far fro ready to do that so when I saw that AS doesn't allow you to do that until 10 posts I felt like maybe this is a safe space for my healing to take place. I am honestly very hopeful but also terrified as to what the future holds for me. I would love to meet you all and develop some meaningful and supportive relationships. 🙂Thanks.
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