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  1. My inner child is afraid. She is afraid of people because they always hurt her and she hasn't learned how to stand up for herself yet. She feels way too vulnerable and weak. She is afraid of confrontation so she just goes away.
  2. born in san mateo, california - lived in different places in california my whole life
  3. We all know children lie about sexual abuse. Ugh!
  4. Hi John, Welcome and I hope you find this a comfortable place to talk.
  5. shelfies


    Hello Ilana - Welcome
  6. Welcome lab. I'm glad you've already found support in people's posts.
  7. Hi Melinda, welcome to after silence. I am also a survivor csa and rape. I'm glad you're here. This is a good place to find understanding and support. You're a caring and loving nana to your grandaughter. I'm glad she has you to go to for help. When I was a young girl, I had a nana who loved me. She was the only normal person in my life as a kid. That meant a lot to me. I'm sure you mean a lot to your grandaughter as well. ~Erin~
  8. After talking to a friend about the abuse. He says...Well you're going to have to be strong because you're going to go through worse things than this. Need to knock some sense into these people.
  9. What can I say? I love the way you think D! Wow! What a pep talk! I like your style. Thank you, thank you, thank you. All the stuff you said about the wrong way we think of ourselves is in a chapter of a book I'm reading right now. It tells how to change our wrong thinking that was damaged by the abuse. But hey, who needs a book when we have you to tell us. lol Quote - My sisters and brothers, when you look at the blame, your looking through a mirror backwards, stop looking in, and start looking out. Our abusers are the only ones who should be hiding in shame, and being ostricized by so
  10. exactly what my mom said to me recently That's terrible your mothers told you that. What bible are your mothers reading? King David's daughter Tamar was raped. Dinah was raped. Also a woman with no name was gang raped and died on a doorstep after she dragged herself home. Granted it was in pre-christian times, but there must have been a good reason why God had this written down in His Word. It does happen to worshippers of God.
  11. Hello Cathie, Welcome to After Silence.
  12. Hi Nettie, I am also a survivor of csa. It's great to know you have already found healing here. It must have taken a lot of courage to have your brother arrested. I admire your strength. A warm welcome to you.
  13. Hello my fellow Erin, Welcome to after silence. I'm kinda new too. I hope you find the site as helpful and supportive as I have.
  14. After telling my mom that her boyfriend was molesting me. She says.....What? You're a liar! You're just saying that because you hate him.
  15. Welcome Broken1 - I am fairly new too but still haven't told my story yet either. Glad you're here. I really enjoy your poems.
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