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  1. He asked me to hang out. I asked when. He texted back that we could hang out after school on Friday. He would drive us to his house. Made it a point to tell me that no one would be home. I guess part of me knew what he was implying but I chose to ignore it. It had been months sense he had raped me and things seemed to be pretty smooth sailing. He was okay when I said no. he didn’t get upset when I pushed his hands away from me when he tried. He seemed like he truly understood that he hurt me that day 3 months ago. As the day came closer he asked if we could have sex. I told him no and that I w
  2. I try not to surrender my thoughts to you but I cant help it. I try to piece together everything you did to me but it's like I blocked it out. I understand that's what my body is doing to protect me but I want to know. I remember I was wearing light blue Jean's. The brand was vanilla star. Three buttons up the front. They were flare Jean's cause that was in style. I was wearing a blue and black off the shoulder sweater. I curled my hair because I knew I would see you. Not sure why I cared. We were in your room. On your bed. I had never been there before. You asked if we could have sex I said n
  3. It was a cold day in December. We had just passed our one year anniversary. We made plans to do this about a month ago, but that didn’t make it any easier. I step on the bus and there he is, smile beaming like always when we lock eyes. His black roxy hat backwards covering his chocolate brown hair. His deep brown eyes sparkling, showing that the smile is pure. His 5’8 body dressed in the usual outfit. Blue jeans ripped at the bottom around his black DC sneakers. A black zip up sweatshirt with camo print on the inside, a sweatshirt I borrowed and once felt safe in, with a black green day t-shir
  4. Hello, My name is heather and I am 25 years old. Over the last 10 years I thought I was healing and thought i had moved past what happened to me but it wasn't until recently i realized that wasn't the case. Now I am ready and I feel like my story can really help people. My therapist told me to find support groups so here I am.
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