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  1. khake


    Welcome, I'm glad you found this community and I hope it helps your process! Feeling ready to share is a big leap, proud of you.
  2. khake

    Been awhile

    @matts @behindthesehazeleyes Thank you, you two ❤️
  3. Been awhile since I had a full on flashback. The empty stare into space, feeling bodily sensations and feeling like I was there. I’ve been doing pretty good with therapy but suddenly I remembered new parts of my abuse tonight and I haven’t been able to sleep since. I was honestly questioning if those memories were even real, but the flashback and bodily sensations confirm it. Dammit. It basically means I gotta change my tally from 6 rapes to 7. 😕
  4. I want to stop remembering new things. Just when I think I'm done something worse arrives. I feel disgusted by the last few things I remembered. My abuser really was disgusting...
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