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  1. So far it seems unreal to have so many people struggling from the same issues that really understand and help each other! It feels so amazing to know that someone finally understands but at the same time it’s so heart braking that we are all suffering from something that has left us so broken. Thank you for the encouraging words I look forward to finally starting my healing process and I wish the best for you and hope you are finding peace as well.
  2. Hey it’s nice to meet you I hope your journey here is a rewarding one and you find peace!
  3. Sorry for what you went through. It’s crazy how many of us there are in the world. I hate what each and every one of you went through but I’m so glad I found people to talk to that understand the hurt the frustration the pain and the fear I am going through I hope each and every one of you figure out a way to get through this because we are all survivors we are all fighters!
  4. Thank you so much! You guys are awesome!
  5. Hello everyone, I am new here and I’m seeking help guidance and just to know I’m not alone! I was wondering where the share your story forum is because I don’t feel like I can keep dealing with the weight of this on me and I have to let it out before it drives me insane. Thank you so much for whoever created this amazing place to come and talk!
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