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  1. you make me want to puke

  2. every day i want to cry

  3. let down and hanging around
    crushed like a bug on the ground

    1. Eph320NY


      I am so sorry you are feeling crushed. Sending any support I can.

  4. i don't like being ignored

    1. abhaya


      It's not a good feeling, I'm sorry that you're experiencing that right now.  Sending you support and kindness.

  5. today has been agony

    1. Field8


      I’m so sorry 

  6. so sad and upset

    1. BrightSide


      Sitting with you and sending safe hugs :hug:if you would like? 🧡 B

    2. 8888
  7. lately i can't understand anything at all...

  8. i gave you everything i had and you threw it in the trash

  9. on my own, here we go

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    2. BrightSide


      Your AS friends are with you 💛 :friends2:

    3. purge


      awww, thank you @Free2Fly and @BrightSide, I have been so overwhelmed with emotion and frustrated, and don't even know what to do with all of it :(

    4. Free2Fly


      Its okay :) , still sitting with you and safe hugs if you want?

  10. i feel so alone

    1. Free2Fly


      Safe hugs and sitting with you if ok? :hug:

    2. Field8


      You are not alone here.

  11. they don't see the angels living in your heart

  12. i slept so long with my eyes wide open
    i'm ripped in half as i stand
    tears of melancholy fall
    resounding to the end of my loneliness

  13. she said goodbye too many times before
    her heart is breaking in front of me

  14. things will change

  15. no matter what i do i'm still just as angry
    the sadness tugs at me the same way
    and my head aches just the same

  16. driven by hate, consumed by fear

  17. i don't love you,
    like i did, yesterday

  18. the clouds in the lake
    the angel in the graveyard

  19. i don't want to be defined by my face or my body

  20. if i were truly to be myself
    i would break my family's heart
    who is that 'girl' i see,
    staring straight back at me?
    why is my reflection someone i don't know?
    somehow i cannot hide
    who i am, though i've tried
    when will my reflection show who i am inside?

    1. Viceless


      I can really relate to this right now. My family doesn’t know the real me at all and they probably wouldn’t like me if they did. I also get looking in the mirror and not recognizing myself or really seeing me. I’m sorry your hurting. You have a way with words.

    2. purge


      thank you @Viceless, although it's from the song 'reflection' from the film mulan, so i didn't write it!
      i'm sorry you're going through something similar, but it helps to know i'm not alone...

  21. i wish i lived in a forest... maybe one day!

    1. samantha2009


      Me too 🌲 sending you support if ok?



    2. purge


      thank you @samantha2009, the support means a lot...
      maybe we'll both get to live in a forest one day, hopefully!

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