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  1. @samantha2009thanks. I have a lot of supportive people in my life, too. And then some people who are... not that supportive
  2. From my mother: ”Did you lead him on?” ”Sometimes no means yes.” ”Don’t be so sensitive, try to understand I mean well, I can’t think about EVERY word I say around you.” From a policewoman when I tried reporting: ”You just feel bad about sleeping with a [racist slur], and you will probably feel dirty for a long time.” I was speechless. That was based on... nothing, except her being a racist. I felt bad about having been raped, it had nothing to do with his ethnicity. From a friend when I told her how the police had reacted. ”some girls just ruin it for everyone else. me: ”false accusations are actually pretty rare” her: ”I am not talking about false accusations. I am talking about girls who flirt with guys and make them think they want to have sex with them, and then at the last minute, they say no and expect they guy to just stop.” That’s basically what happened to me. Thanks a lot.
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