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Kasia Kesfuria

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    Michigan, USA
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    Reading, Writing, Bird Watching, Fish Keeping, Binging Horror, Sci Fi, & Anime Shows, Gaming, Listening to Vinyl Records, Yoga, Swimming, Chocolate, Spending Time with People I Love, and Grooving to Everything 60s!

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I am a survivor of child on child sexual assault, which occurred for the better part of my 8th grade school year.  I have been in recovery for over a decade and I am extremely proud of the learning, growth, and healing which I have achieved so far.  However I believe that recovery is a lifelong process and no one can do it alone.  My inner child is still overwhelmed with anger, sadness, frustration, shame, guilt, and despair.  She will never understand why this unspeakable thing happened to her and it can never be made right.  The only, best, and hardest thing I can do is to show her love, patience, and compassion.  I am so thankful for this magnificent community of survivors, confidantes, and friends.  The 14-year-old girl inside me finally has a place where her voice can be heard and validated.  SILENCE BROKEN!!!!!😊

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