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  1. I’m a survivor not a victim I was raped 10 months ago and its been a ruff road from therapy to trying to comment suicide to having nobody to talk to or tell my story to. Still after 10 months they just not decided to arrest him and that if they can find him because he moved to a different state but the far of going to court the fear of having to see him face to face makes me freeze up makes me want to hide in a dark room and never come out. It took me these 10 months to finally realize I will not be a victim no more because being a victim means he is still in control means he has power over me and I refuse to let him hurt me any farther so I will take my life back I will not let him scare me into hiding no longer.so today I will wipe my tears and walk with my head held high and when it comes time to face him in court I will not let him see me cry I will not let him see me scared I refuse to let him know think he has power over me any longer .i refuse to let my rapist win.
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