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  1. Everything has felt so overwhelming lately. I’ve been feeling worse and worse about what happened and I still don’t feel like I belong here. Everyone here is incredibly kind and supportive, but I feel fake. I feel like my trauma isn’t as bad as everyone else’s and I’m just a drama queen. I feel like I’m in the ER surrounded by people with major burns, multiple broken bones, and persistent vomiting with a high fever, and I’m here cause I stubbed my toe. 

    1. MeBeMary


      You did not stub your toe and what you went thru was wrong and you were hurt. You were compelled to join because of that hurt. We support you, because you hurt. We don't question your right to belong here, so please don't question it yourself.

      Trauma is trauma and wrong is wrong. I know entering a site with so much collective trauma can be overwhelming, but every member matters...you and your experiences matter. 

      Also, I can guarantee that many of our members have or still do question being here, as well. I joined this community almost 5 years ago. I almost didn't make it two weeks, because I felt those feelings which you feel. You are right, as everyone is kind and supportive here, but they also tell you like it is...like they told me when I doubted and is what I say to you now.

      You are welcome here. You are supportive here. You are accepted here. You are validated here.

      You are not alone, Elyse. :hug: 

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