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  1. I thought it was time to take this step now. That's why I'm here. Both to get help myself and help others and just be understood.
  2. Ok. Yeah it been a bit scary first but I gotten good responses so far so that's better. I'll probably check in on that message then.
  3. I can ensure you that there's absolutely nothing wrong with you at all. He's the one who is messed up and the one that got an issue. Take care of yourself. You're strong.
  4. Ok that's good to hear. Also thanks for the welcome.
  5. My name's Zaki. I were born in Iraq but fled to Sweden about two years ago. I have my own experiences which I haven't talked too much about before but I thought a place like this would make it way easier to do so and I'd get a good response back. That's always something. I joined earlier today and I just couldn't resist noticing how good this place looked to be set up. I want to thank the creator of this site for making sure a safe place like this exist.
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