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    Thank you all so much. This has made me feel like im not alone. These everyday struggles are getting harder but knowing there are other people who get what im going through helps. -thegr8ful.
  2. Hi Milkyway, I'm new as well hopefully this will help us both. We will get through this even though times are dark and all we see are the clouds soon the sun will come out.
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    Good Afternoon, I just joined this group and i'm brand new to all of this. I'm dealing with child sexual abuse i have pushed these memories down and only realized it till a couple years ago. Now its constantly on my mind. I'm having bad flashbacks and nightmares a lot. My PTSD is making me so irritable towards my wife (i'm gay) i feel like i'm ruining my marriage by the symptoms i'm having. Im just having a hard time with this issue. If you guys have any advice i would love it. Thank you for listening, theGr8ful
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