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  1. Dear Charlene, It is not your fault that you were raped by Keith. It is not your fault that while being raped you was very, very scared of someone seeing him do that to you. He was the one that didn't listen to you when you said "no" over and over and over. He was the one that was wrong because he held your arms down and would not let go. He was the criminal for raping you, you did nothing to cause it. Screaming would have only gone unheard so you did nothing wrong by not screaming. Your husband wanted Keith to do it to you. Dwayne gave Keith permission for you to be raped, you didn't
  2. "I can't believe he molested you! He is such a nice guy. I have known him for years and he never did that before." I just have one question for you? (my supervisor) " How would you feel if your wife was molested when she was walking down the hall of this office building? I hope you would take her complaint more seriously than you are mine at the moment!"
  3. Hi everyone, I am new and a little scared but here goes. I am a survivor of rape when I was 20 years old. It happened a long time ago, but back then no one ever talked about it, much less ever reported it. My husband at the time, now ex husband, was in on the planning of the rape. He may have thought I would agree to his best friend having intercourse with me and did not consider it rape, but it was rape. I was thrown on the couch and my arms pinned and the rapist was my age and a school classmate, named Keith. He penetrated me several times while I begged him to stop. There were other
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