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  1. Welcome Daya we're so glad to have you here, this is a wonderful online community, and I hope you get all the support you need. Wishing you love and healing ❤️
  2. yusesya


    It's nice to meet you, sweeney. I'm glad you are seeking out helpful resources, and I am sending you love, peace, and blessings. ❤️ -Su
  3. Hi everyone. I'm Su, and I'm really happy to be here. I heard about After Silence through a Reddit forum for survivors called r/rape (Reddit is a popular site for all different kinds of forums, ranging from pop culture and news to anonymous chatroom therapy - that's what r/rape was). Although r/rape was somewhat helpful in the beginning - I felt validated and comforted by the other survivors there - we were often bullied and tormented by trolls and perverts who would take our venting/ranting posts and turn them into sick jokes and sexual fantasies. Reddit is a very loose website so it was easy
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