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  1. MeBeMary, Thank you so much for your kind and welcoming words. I will keep looking around. RiaLavender
  2. RiaLavender


    Hi, I'm not exactly sure what to write. I made this account a few months ago but never posted anything. I have been struggling a bit more the last few days again, so figured this was a step in a good direction. Especially in the past year I have been looking back at my past and childhood and realizing a lot of things. The silence is real, and on my part the shame I kept and the excuses I believed are real, but like I said, I think trying to get more involved here will help. I have been wanting to talk about it, but not sure who to tell. My favorite phrase to tell myself is "Do not live a silent life." Being here is a step towards that goal for myself. Sometimes it is hard to know what to do, though. Anyway, hello to you all and I hope to be able to find support here and offer support to you all.
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