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  1. ...and for being so open and honest about a sensitive subject. I am truly grateful to have this refuge to come to. It's a lifesaver...truly. I am a 50 year old person who was born female, but I think of myself as a male (not going to have surgery tho). I have a B.A. degree in psychology and worked as a counselor for almost 8 years before starting a family. I am the mother of two children and a homemaker. I was sexually abused by my father the whole time that I was growing up. Both my parents were alcoholics and my mother also abused me. I have rarely liked to talk to people about these issues, because they often get very defensive and it's just too painful and embarrassing to hear their "feedback". They can't handle "personal" issues, they say. Oh well. My point is: THANK YOU FOR BEING HERE! Again...this forum is a real lifesaver for me. I hope that I can be an asset to this community. Clem from NYC
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