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  1. I'm not sure how old you are. I cannot give professional advice on here and would not; but all I can say/suggest is: Do you feel safe to tell your parents/mom? Or someone at your school? Many schools offer counselors and therapists, or can direct you to therapists in your area. Depending on where you live as well, there are support groups and different options. Crisis centers you can call to offer you resources. All of this being said, I am glad you are here. Big step in joining and posting.
  2. Hi Julia, Welcome. I am fairly new to this community but everyone here has been so supportive. I'm sorry for what you went through- you did not deserve that at all. Are you in therapy or have you thought about seeking help? This has been helpful for me with those thoughts/flashbacks/memories that come up. You are not alone. Feel free to message me at any time. Safe hugs if that is okay.
  3. @.alone. It's really nice to know you understand thank you, I'm sorry you (and all of you guys) had to experience something also. But thank you. So much
  4. Oh no. I hope your hand heals quickly and fully. Thank you so much @Hope49
  5. @Poppy_Poppy thank you. I will take you guys up on that. Thank you so much
  6. @8888 thank you so much, I may definitely take you up on that I appreciate it
  7. Hi @Minerba I appreciate your words. I'm overwhelmed, I know this isn't the place to share my story and I won't. But it's nice to not feel alone because outside of here I do. And I feel really really really sad . Thank you
  8. Thank you Fieldy @Field8 Means a lot. I would say more but I right now I don't have them. Thank you
  9. Thank you @missfrier I can feel that sense of support and family, thank you. Hugs to you too
  10. Thank you Mary I really appreciate your kind words. It feels so nice to be in a place of support and understanding.
  11. I am so grateful for all of your responses, thank you so much everyone.
  12. Hi, I don't really know what to say. I don't know if to disclose my name. This is really difficult. I am new here. Typing makes me cry but I know I am ready and wanting to heal- and connect with others to do so.
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