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  1. The first step to healing is always the hardest. I'm so sorry about what happened but I am happy you've found a safe place to talk, you'll find so much support on this site. Take your time to share what you feel comfortable with, when you are ready. There is no pressure and no expectations here
  2. Gingerjess


    Same, I hate the word victim. I hope this forum will help you find some peace
  3. Beautiful photography! I'm new here but am so encouraged by all the people here who've had horrible things happen to them, but don't let it define them. I think people who search for help regarding their trauma are determined to not let it rule their life, so good for you for being here! You are among friends
  4. That intro sounded so much like mine, lol! I have 2 cats too and they are my babies. Both were strays, I didn't find them; they found me! I wonder if we are able to post pics of our emotional support animals, even if they aren't 'techincally' registered? (Which I've tried, its so hard.) Welcome!
  5. Congrats on finding this forum! I'm brand new myself but very excited to be here.
  6. I know you only just found this forum, but I think it is going to be really helpful in your journey to heal. Being able to acknowledge that something happened, and talking to someone, is so important. Good for you for finding a place to start!
  7. Hi! I signed up for this forum yesterday and was approved today, thanks so much to the mods for letting me be a part of this group! I went ahead and read the rules, guidelines, and other topics for new members, definitely super helpful and informative. I'm a college student, have 2 adorable cats, and have moved around most of my life. I love traveling and hope to make that a big factor in my career someday. I don't really know what else I should put here...are we able to post pics of our cats?
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