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  1. Hey! I’m new here, I think I joined a couple of weeks ago. (This is my second post.) I’m just really confused as to how I navigate this website. I don’t know where to go or what to do. I don’t even know how I can view my last post. It’s very overwhelming and I’m getting frustrated. If someone could tell me how to reach other forums on this site and how to view my previous posts, I’d be very thankful. For all of those that reply, thank you in advance.
  2. I just came here from a Cosmo article. I’m a volunteer with A Voice For The Innocent, another site for survivors of sexual assault and abuse. I’m just trying to get used to things here and I would love to know how I can get involved. (If I can even get involved.) Thanks for welcoming me! I hope you guys have a great day.
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