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  1. I think we were all afraid when we first came - but this is safe place where we can be who we are without apologizing. Welcome. Megan
  2. Sarah, I understand completely. I was in counseling - severed ties with my stepfather and have been really good for almost 10 years. Never allowing myself to be vulnerable though - keep my emotions tightly held - but in the scope of things doing really well. Coping well. My career has done well. I am respected in my field. But then something happened - a huge trigger - and I feel stuck again. How could I have let this happen again???? But the truth is I didn't "let" it happen. This reminds me that there is more work to do - perhaps it's time to work on the "coping too well part".
  3. Thanks Redhead - that must be why I can't get in as well.
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